Hiring in the Digital Age

Parts of this post originally appeared on Fuze.com

The hunt for top talent is facing more competition than ever before.

With remote work on the rise and distributed workforces now the norm, the hiring pool is as far-reaching as the fiberoptic cables that span our globe. The key challenge for hiring in today’s super-saturated market is taking advantage of the available technology that made the global workforce possible in the first place. Namely, the internet.

How can you make the most of your communications with prospective talent?


Today, using technology for recruitment goes beyond LinkedIn profiles and a Google search of a candidate’s name. Even with all the information that is out there: the algorithms that can source and pick out key skillsets, the anonymous company review websites like Glassdoor — a critical element is often overlooked when taking advantage of our online world for recruitment.

Personal connection.

It’s something people always spring back to, a compass to guide our decisions as to whether this ‘thing’ engages us, be it a potential colleague or potential date. As humans we value a personal touch: the ability to talk to and look at the person can make all the difference when you are looking at a host of other options on (virtual) paper. Connecting a potential hire to your organization’s culture (and the people behind it) to life is really hard to do via text or email.

Traditionally, the first layer of engagement for recruitment is through a telephone phone screen. Tone of voice and conversation can go a way to painting an idea of what the person on the other end of the line is all about.

As research shows, voice is only a small percentage of the information you glean from a first communication. In his book Silent Messages, Professor Albert Mehrabian concludes that 55 percent of communication actually takes place through body language. Forbes contributer, Keld Jensen is a vocal advocate for interpersonal communication, and how technology can build (and erode) trust. “People intuitively and instantaneously develop a perception in the first moments they see you, and body language builds, confirms, or dispels those impressions,” he writes.

What if you could speed up that initial connection to a candidate and improve engagement by actually seeing them – no matter where they were?

Companies looking to improve engagement with top talent across the world are using video.

“If you can actively engage with somebody and look at them, even through simple video, it really does cross that barrier and it brings that trust element into the recruiter and candidate and helps them get to a point where visual contact really does eliminate a lot hesitation and concerns about whether they are going to move forward or not,” said Thanh Nguyen, Managing Director at Connery Consulting.

Connery have been using Fuze for hiring this past year. Empowering their recruiters to meet candidates via video means they get a stronger sense of actual personality. The collaboration features allow technical candidates to undertake coding tests during the interview remotely. Fuze is helping the company remain competitive in the delivery of a cutting edge recruitment process and quality talent. Thanh goes on,

“Fuze is a cutting-edge way to look at recruitment. We can easily eliminate a lot of headache and missed interaction time with a potential candidate. That missed time can mean the difference between getting a really top-notch person into the organization or not… and that’s everything for this market, and for any company.”

We all know that technology allows us to “shrink” the globe — and opens the talent pool and our engagement methodology. video, observe body language, whiteboard problem sets and take a virtual “tour” of the office from your laptop.

Meaningful connections, meaningful hires. No travel required.

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