Hub Melbourne launches Hub 2.0

This Thursday Hub Melbourne will celebrate their first birthday and expansion into a new space. (Register for the party on Thursday night here before tickets are gone.)


Ross and I were lucky enough to be some of the earliest Hub members as Yammer set up local operations here early last year.

It’s exciting to see Hub grow so quickly. Only a couple of months ago I wrote a post describing the 20-30 people you may see working here on a given day. Today you can easily double those figures.

Beyond the space, the amazing Hub team – Brad, Jan and Ehon – have been busy building a culture of collaboration and community, truly revitilisating what it means to be “at work”.

Steve’s post pretty much sums it up:

‘Hub Melbourne has attracted people from all walks of professional life; be it social entrepreneurs, individual contractors/freelancers/consultants, corporates looking for a third space for it’s staff and even silicon valley startups like Yammer and Change.Org. It’s created a vibrant mix of events that occur on most nights now, ran by it’s members and it’s played host to some great larger scale events such as Mindful.

Curious about coworking? Check out this great video which explains why people are ditching their cubes or home offices in favour of spaces like the Hub.

Pop your head into Hub Melbourne the top floor of Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke St sometime.