Would you do it in a dress? I did.

Last Friday I spent the day in a school dress to support a young girl who doesn’t have the opportunity to wear one herself.

The campaign Do It In A Dress officially launches Oct 2-9 and aims raise 100 education scholarships to girls in Sierra Leone Africa.

My personal challenge : provide one girl with access to education, raise $250 for her uniform, textbooks and all school fees paid.

In exchange for a donation from friends I slipped the old school blazer on and went along to the Hard Knock Life conference to talk to young Australians about making meaningful change in the world.

I talked about the micro-trustee program Awesome Foundation and how we fund projects like Do It In A Dress; ideas that don’t need three page grant applications or tens of thousands of dollars to just get the wheels moving, often they just need to be told “your idea was awesome!”

Do It In A Dress was one of those applications that jumped off the page.

School gave us the keys to kick arse in life! 

How cool would it be to pay it forward – and easily?

Do It In A Dress co-founder Chantelle Baxter had a simple, but awesome idea to get people in a school dress for those that can’t…she believed the rest would follow. And it has.

One week from setting up my fundraising page, I’m $20 away from sending three girls to school!

Thank you to friends from all over the world for pitching in to give, not one, but three girls the keys to education.

In a country where you have a higher chance of being sexually abused than attending high school this gift ripples out significantly into the community that surrounds her.

For every year a girl stays in school she’ll increase her income by at least 10%. She’ll get married later. She will have fewer children. Her children will be healthier. She’ll see the benefit in sending her kids to school, just like her.

It’s beautiful to have a chance to make large scale change, but equally, watching a girl like Isha have the chance to learn, see, do, experiment and experience the world through One Girl’s education scholarship is what makes me smile and why I put on a dress last Friday.

To support: www.doitinadress.com/bryony

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