Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog.

I recently left a successful career in technology to pursue my lifelong passion for creativity + connection. I’m now focused on honest writing, making art daily, bringing people together in creative environments, and collaborating on daring strategies for positive, ambitious companies and people.

I bid goodbye to corporate America in November 2014, leaving behind my home and old self in New York, and headed in the direction of Central America. At the time I had no idea it would be the catalyst to pursue deeply meaningful work and change the way I lived my life. The unfolding begun that very first night. I sat on the end of my hotel bed and listened to what my friend Amber describes as ‘the quiet pull within’. What was I feeling? That became the guiding question for the next action. Each place and feeling took me somewhere new; in Costa Rica I worked with local artists, in Guatemala I ended up completely off the grid in a forest and then in hospital with dengue fever. Eventually I made my way back to Brooklyn with a renewed perspective on identity and purpose.

I believe life should have an element of excitement in it, daily. Nothing excites me more than working with smart, creative people in new environments. If you’d like to learn more about working with me for your business, check out hirebryonycole.com.



Here’s some of the posts that have resonated with others:

You can find me on twitter @bryonycole, LinkedIn or drop me a line over email: bryony.cole (at) gmail.com

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