Yammer on Tour begins tomorrow in Australia!

Yammer On Tour Amsterdam earlier this month

I’ve just got back from a jam-packed day with our Yammer team who have flown in from America and United Kingdom to be here for Australia’s first Yammer on Tour. It all begins tomorrow in Sydney.

The passion for Yammer is palpable, not only with customers but people who work here.

Here is an email I got from one of my colleagues Ross this morning which I thought I’d share:

Work is a big part of our lives, and Yammer is making a big impact on work. Yammer’s mission is to empower every employee to make an impact, to engage fully with their work. People who are engaged in their life are happier, more productive, more profitable, and more likely to stay with a company.

I define work in the physics sense of the word. The world exists as it is today and every morning we wake up and decide what changes we want to make to it. Whether that is buying something, finishing a project, writing tweets, taking photos, updating a document, meeting new people, or going for a walk on the beach – all this is activity that costs you focus and energy. There is no longer a distinction between ‘work’ and ‘personal’, they are both blended. If you can balance the skill you have in each area with new challenge then you will be in Flow state, and this Flow state is what most people work towards in life.

Within Yammer we talk about the idea of Velocity in both the engineering and business teams. How is our pace? How is our momentum? Are they increasing? If you cut corners short term that impacts your long term velocity, and if you think too long term that impact your short term velocity. Right now the pace is absolutely incredible. One of our team joined us in the past few months and on their second day commented that it felt like they had already been here for months. This is because we achieve so much each day. It is truly remarkable. Your competitors can’t copy your culture, and I really enjoy the culture we have built.

Futurists and commentators have been saying that the world is moving towards a social, mobile and connected state for a long time now and I feel like it has actually arrived with Yammer. Four million people are doing these things today. 250,000 more people join a Yammer network each month, and beyond that 800 external networks are created each week between organisations. That is a lot of work being done more effectively. The major shift is that our enterprise systems can now be organised around people instead of the files. Instead of a file having an author or an account having an owner, Ross Hill has many files and many accounts and anyone with the right privacy relationship can see them. This is a fundamental transformation of how we relate to our work each day.

This week we are hosting our Yammer on Tour conference events in Sydney and Melbourne, where we will share some detail on the direction of Enterprise Social Network space while our customers will share their experience of growing adoption and engagement within their organisations. It is going to be a lot of fun. Who knows what will happen when some of the most engaged people in our most engaged organisations all meet in one place? You can join us and find out (free) at http://yammer.com/tour.

(Join Ross Hill’s email list here.)

 We’ve got a fantastic line-up of thought leaders and hundreds of people from the most engaged organisations in the country meeting tomorrow. Hope to see you there.

andy hedges

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