Focus. Saying ‘no’.

Today someone at work shared a video of Steve Jobs explaining the importance of saying ‘no’.

For Jobs ‘no’ is the key to remaining focused.

Apple suffered for several years from lousy engineering management, there were people going off in 18 different directions…the total becomes less than the sum of the parts. Micro-cosmically they might have made sense, macro-cosmically they didn’t.’

It is hard and often counterintuitive to say ‘no’ when you have a ton of good stuff going on. You’re not just killing off the obvious, bad things – though they should definitely go – it’s likely you’re pressing pause on some really fun things. In my case I really enjoy writing this blog  but needed to pare back for a few days in order to kick up a few gears in other areas of my life.

If you master the art of saying ‘no’ you’ll soon be freed you up to move ahead with the bigger picture.

Often we are not saying ‘no’ to a company or another person, but to ourselves.

It’s empowering, by making a decision not to do something, you are instinctively saying ‘yes’ to something else.

One thought on “Focus. Saying ‘no’.

  1. Reblogged this on Say it Different and commented:
    I’ve come across three pieces of content today that all basically said the same thing: “focusing is about saying no”. This was the only one that included a video of Steve Jobs with hair, so it gets reblogged. Thanks BC for posting!

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