Getting over a bummer.

So today I lost my computer which totally sucked. Especially when it was the beginning of blogging every day for 30 days.

By ‘lost’ I mean totally died. What remains in my possession is a bag of microchips called a solid state drive that will have to be sent to a data centre in Brisbane to see if they can recover anything.

Amazing that’s all it comes down to. All those hours/days/months plugging away at a keyboard; the writing, the music, goddamnit the photos. They are all just a few chips in a bag.

When ‘it’ happened – the ominous all-black screen and three beeps on loop – I had that terrible panicky feeling you get when you lose something really valuable.  My heart sunk. Oh my god, this isn’t happening. End of the world type stuff.

To be honest, I never thought I’d have that sinking feeling about technology. I’ve lost enough iPhones last year not to care. I’m not that attached to stuff. Ask those that know me and they’ll tell you I regularly throw it out by the garbage bag.

I hated that I was getting so bummed but I couldn’t stop thinking about the last six months of effort that just got cremated. Pages I had been writing in preparation for this. Gone. Presentations that I was going to be giving. Gone.

My work and identity and brain had been so bound up in this MacBook Air that I felt like they had simultaneously evaporated.

The other thought running through my head was that I wasn’t in a fatal car accident so I should probably get over my first world problem.  By some weird twist of fate, later today I ended up in hospital with some health complications. It put things in perspective pretty neatly.

I’m going to take this opportunity to open my eyes to what is going on around me. In real life. And not rely on the keyboard so much.

It’s probably something that was necessary but I didn’t realise at the time. I’m glad this is happening. It might spark some original ideas that don’t come from the internet. It seems like these days the only new content or thoughts or ideas that I have originate from material I see on the net. And you know what? Just last night I spent the evening responding to emails instead of enjoying a home-cooked dinner with my Dad. Whoa.

It’s time to take an analogue weekend.

See you on the other side.

I transcribed this from a voice memo I took while I was driving today. Cheryl Lin mentioned she had been using it to brainstorm posts the other night. I’d always thought drawing in a notebook was a good sketchpad. The voice memos, although painful to listen to your own voice, are actually amazing for getting out what’s in my head, there’s less of a chance to alter your original intention when you are talking off the cuff, as oppose to translating thoughts onto paper.

6 thoughts on “Getting over a bummer.

  1. No computer, a visit to the hospital AND you blogged… well done Bryony 🙂 Hope you’re ok and enjoy your analogue weekend – I had one last weekend for my birthday and it was awesome.

  2. Sounds like a ordinary day. I am a massive advocate of Dropbox. I operate entirely out of dropbox. All of my work and personal documents are there that I work on and it automatically syncs into the cloud ready on my home computer, phone, ipad etc. So If I had the dreaded lost machine, I’d have no issues starting again from another device. I’d be up and running straight away.
    In fact, Apple are building in their own version of Dropbox into the next OSX release. So given the right usage, you will never have to send your SSD off to Brisbane again.

  3. Oh my word, Bryony – what a day! I hope that you’re recovered and well?

    I’m inspired now to Dropbox everything. I like the idea of being free on the go and pulling down things from the cloud as I need them.

    Great to hear that you’re doing the voice memo thing too. Listening back to myself made me realise how quickly I speak and how I quite simply need to slow the f@ck down. Yup. Now to implement! Btw are you using software/app for voice memo or the basic one on iPhone like I am?? xx

  4. Hi Lady, what a day! I hope you’re ok. Yell if you need chicken soup. Lost photos are sad but a lady of your creativity will whack together the presentations and posts quick as (and you’re right – second draft is often more refined!). Take care of you. x

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