Daily post challenge begins! #b03

Today begins a month of blogging every day.

I’m joining more than 40 other people who responded to Steve Hopkins ‘blog in every day of March challenge‘ he posted a few weeks ago.

I had thought about writing a theme a day – an interview post on Tuesdays, a how-to post on Thursdays, but that seemed way too manufactured. And boring.

Instead I figure I’ll just write what excites me.

I’ve been gathering a collection of things to talk about in a little notebook.

Here’s a sample right now.

Melbourne. New York. Internet. Yammer. Community. The Awesome Foundation. Coffee. Leaving Australia.

You’ll see my posts this month will be tagged #what-I’m-thinking-about or #what-I’m-learning.

To make sure I punch out a post a day I’m giving Xavier Shay’s habit calendar a go. To make extra sure, it’s sticky-taped to my laptop.

The RSS of 43 other blogs in my Google Reader serves as a reminder to keep going.  It’s a bit like the Biggest Loser, this motley crew of 40+ bloggers. Some are seasoned internetters, for others it will be their first post. The unifying force is that we’re all in this together to achieve our personal goal of writing a post a day.

Teams can be a powerful force to drive individual missions.

Now let’s see what happens.

See what others are writing about for #b03 on their first day. 


3 thoughts on “Daily post challenge begins! #b03

  1. Go Bryony! Look forward to reading your posts over the month. I’m supporting the challenge as a quasi-official commenter! Not sure what sort of habit I’ll develop there but as a community manager, championing the peeps seems like a valuable contribution 😀

  2. As usual, just when I need a kick up the bum – Bryony comes to the rescue. I missed Steve’s post the first time around, but I’m never one to back down on a digi challenge! Bring on #B03!

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