Growing Yammer Australia

I get asked a lot (mostly by my mum) to explain what I do at Yammer.
With Steve Hopkins joining our team in Australia last week, I thought it was a good chance to take a few lines to describe what a Customer Success Manager does and Yammer’s presence in Australia.

So what do I do?

In some ways CSMs are similar to a digital strategist who looks at how to engage customers online, instead we look at how we can maximise engagement of employees online and get the most juice out of Yammer.  We work directly with the major stakeholders and social media champions of our customers to create more engaged networks. That might look like on-site training one day, planning a YamJam the next; the role continues to support customers during the evolution of both their network and our product.

The Yammer Australia Team - Ross Hill, me and Steve Hopkins

Officially we’ve had our office in Melbourne for most of 2011, when we moved into the Hub on Bourke St. Yammer’s presence in Oz however, goes back to 2008 when Deloitte and Suncorp became some of our first customers. I think it’s fascinating that while social technology typically sees startups, digital agencies, and the ‘cool kids’ jump on board first, early interest from Australia was from the larger, more conservative organisations. Working in government last year for the Department of Justice I experienced first-hand how the bigger organisations are really taking it upon themselves to embrace social media, despite so many cogs in the wheel.  Social media adoption is not always so swiftly integrated into business ops, as an Aussie it makes me proud to see companies taking the inside-out approach, educating employees before starting up a Facebook Page for their customers. Today, Australia has over 10,000 Yammer networks.

While Ross Hill and I have been leading the charge at Yammer Australia for most of 2011, we are both really excited to be bringing on Steve Hopkins as the next Customer Success Manager, based in Sydney. Read more from Steve here.

Apart from being close friends, all three of us have a history of growing Yammer networks in our previous lives – at Deloitte, the Department of Justice, Ai-Media and World Vision. Today we bring this collective bucket of knowledge ‘from the trenches’ to our roles as Customer Success Managers.

Looking forward to the next chapter with Steve on board!

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