What I learnt from my Dad

Tomorrow is Father’s Day in Australia. Time to get up early and cook some pancakes for the old man!

Dads have a unique power to shape our view of the world and influence our expectations and interactions with others for the rest of our lives – for good or for bad.

Most of us can remember a ‘life instruction’ our fathers passed on to us.

My dad secretly bought a Hall & Oates ‘best of’ CD and slid it into my Xmas stocking when I was 10.  Contained on that legendary disc was the most important lesson of all:

‘Do what you want, be who you are,

There ain’t no right or wrong way, just plain from the heart.’

I remember wearing electric blue velvet pants to casual clothes day at my new high school. Even if I did look totally ridiculous, and certainly very different from all the other schoolgirls, Dad applauded as I left the house and reassured me how cool I looked. He did the same when I decided to wear a sari to my Year 12 formal. I always feel like a million bucks around him.

For daughters, the “first man” in our lives frames the rest of the male-female relationships we have throughout life. Helping a girl feel beautiful and develop a sense of self should be core Dad duties.

I know from close girlfriends that a father-daughter relationship is not always as sweet a tale, and many young kids are not afforded the opportunity to have a dad around.

So thanks to my Dad, for being there and always encouraging me to express myself. X

Thanks Dad! You’re awesome & silly!

And in the spirit of celebrating Dads and manhood, here are some really good reads from sons out there…

Julian Cole’s ‘Becoming a man: dealing with personal problems

Mark Pollard’s ‘Why some men are so lost

Ehon Chan’s ‘Softenthefckup‘ get men talking campaign

I’d love to hear a lesson your dad taught you…

4 thoughts on “What I learnt from my Dad

  1. Enjoying your blog. Your tribute to dad has inspired me:) makes me recall the time I realized my dad was a vulnerable, imperfect human, not the idealized, unflawed, knower of all things version… Like all relationships, the move from idealization and projection, to truth is both challenging and liberating..

  2. Great piece Bryony. Your Dad will be delighted. Sounds like a great family to me. Enjoy The day tomorrow & keep it that way. I’m sure you will. P

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