Are you roadblocking your own ideas?

Di Andrews had a simple idea.

‘I’d like to help some of our homeless get warm by providing them with scarves, gloves, socks, beanies and perhaps even a jumper/polar fleece.’

We’ve all thought it. Why haven’t we all done it?  Call it anticipated complexity.

ie. How would I distribute blankets to homeless people? Shouldn’t I get some major sponsors involved to donate food? What about the politics of donating? I’ve never done this before? I don’t want to become a charity…maybe I should just give this guy a dollar instead? But he’ll probably spend it on drugs…

Ah, fuck it, it’s too hard. I give up.

And then it’s gone. On we go to work, the gym or focusing on our inbox.

Many great ideas, big and small, hit pause way too early. We get stuck in the detail, caught up in the process, writing and re-writing a to-do list and talking ourselves out of action.

Here’s two easy ways to snap out of this.

1. Pare down your thinking.

Ignore – better yet – don’t even have the anticipated failing talk with yourself. Stop being so complicated. Read this instead: Paring Ideas by

2. Drown out the sound of your own fail.

Sometimes support and a little expectation from others is all you need to bring your project to life. It’s not lazy, it’s smart.

For Di, it was the Awesome Foundation. Every month, The Awesome Foundation supports ideas by granting $1000 to someone advancing the interest of awesome in the universe. Di’s project got the wings it needed to go ahead.

Hugh McLeod  call this The Waker. ‘A waker reminds you on a constant basis just how alive you really are. Just how much human potential you have inside of you.‘ Find your waker.

Listen to Di’s idea here:

Di’s story proves anyone can have an awesome idea. You don’t have to be an “entrepreneur” or founder of a start-up to do your thing.

But if you want to act on an idea, either kick your own arse or get someone else to.

The Melbourne Awesome Foundation grants for this month close in a week, apply with your idea:

Lunch with Dan, Eddie & Ross in Feb. I quit my job a few hours later.

A shout-out to my own ‘waker’/arse-kickers!

Thank you for making me more inspired, more awake and making me do crazy things like quit my job (earlier this year, I’m now thrilled to be at Yammer!).

BC x

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