Beyond Facebook: building social into an organisation

One of the challenges of social media that organisations face, is seeing beyond the hype.

Why is it so good?  What can we do today other than throw money at an agency to “do” social media for us?

Yesterday I presented to government officials as part of Innovation Week in Canberra, organised by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry.

I wanted to share the practical and personal stories of starting up social media in a risk-averse organisation, collected over the past year at the Department of Justice.

These stories juxtaposed nicely with the preceding talk ‘Innovation in the private sector’ by Deloitte Digital’s CEO Peter Williams.

From afar, both organisations looks drastically different, and yet on the inside there were many similarities. Both started with the basics – tools like Yammer – and an inside-out ethos, ensuring employees are well-versed and practicing in social media or innovation, before declaring to the world they actually do it.

Deloitte’s CEO Giam Swiegers spoke to Leon Gettler about leading the organisation through growth and cultural change using social media tools, like Yammer, on the inside.

Before you engage an agency for your social media, or think it will be finished in six months, look inside. You might be surprised what’s in the toolbox.

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